Bruno Munari

09/10/2008 - 22/03/2009
Museo dell'Ara Pacis

The Musem of the Ara Pacis in Rome is hosting an important exhibition dedicated entirely to versatile Milanese artist – a sculptor, illustrator, graphic artist and industrial designer – Bruno Munari.

The exhibition follows on from an in-depth study and a project refined in the years that followed its inception. It includes some of the artist's most notable works, like his shop window displays from the 40s and 50s, the artistic contributions he made to architectural projects between the 50s and 60s, his graphic design projects and work done in collaboration with some of Italy's most significant cultural contributors in the period following WWII such as Einaudi, La Rinascente, Olivetti and Danese.

In highlighting Munari's very particular method of working on a project, the factor that acts as the real common denominator in all his multifarious activities, this exhibition also shines a light on some of the less explored aspects of his work, including his relationship with the world of architecture and his practically uninterrupted collaboration with many of Italy's design, communications and art magazines.
The exhibition trail is organised in a thematic rather than a chronological or typological manner, which means that it creates a relationship between different disciplines that would normally not be connected to each other at all, although from Munari's point of view, they simply represented different moments of activities pertaining to a single project.

This particular exhibition is just one of several events scheduled to take place in Rome between the end of September 2008 and early February 2009 as part of the celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of this Milanese artist's death. Other dates to remember include “Not touching is forbidden. Children in touch with Bruno Munari” hosted by Rome's Children's Museum (27 September 2008 – 22 February 2009) and the exhibition / work shop combo entitled “Bruno Munari, Conjurer” at the Villa Borghese's Casina di Raffaello (3 October 2008 – 11 January 2009).


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Bruno Munari
Beppe Finessi e Marco Meneguzzo, progetto di allestimento di Marco Ferreri, progetto grafico di Italo Lupi
Alta tensione, 1991
Museo dell'Ara Pacis
09/10 - 07/12/2008
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