Routes for blind and visually impaired visitors

The Ara Pacis Augustae Museum is equipped with permanent tactile aids that allow the blind and visually impaired public to explore and learn about the monument and the museum. The availability of these services is the result of the attention that has been paid over the years to the needs of visually impaired visitors.

At the entrance of the Museum, in the space in front of the Ara Pacis Augustae, the gallery of busts and the scale reproduction of the monument can be explored tactilely during tactile tours guided by specialised personnel.

For dedicated didactic events, see Projects accessible


Five subtitled video stories, in Italian, describe the museum's heritage and tell the story of some of the monument's protagonists. We will be accompanied on this short journey by Lucia Spagnuolo, archaeological curator at the Ara Pacis Augustae Museum, and by exceptional 'guests': First episode, Second episode, Third episode, Fourth episode, Fifth episode

To tell children, while having fun, the story of the monument and its decoration there is“Che storia! L’Ara Pacis si racconta”, a project designed in 2020 with an inclusive perspective.