Mostra Helmut Newton. Legacy. LIS audio-visual guide

Thanks to a Media Partnership between the Sovrintendenza Capitolina and the Direzione Rai Pubblica Utilità (RAI EASY WEB and Facebook Rai Accessibilità), the exhibition Helmut Newton. Legacy is partly accessible thanks to audios and videos complete with subtitles and LIS translation, accompanying visitors along the exhibition route and providing them with a more complete and engaging experience. By listening to and viewing the audios and videos - produced by the Struttura Accessibilità di Rai Pubblica Utilità - blind, visually impaired and deaf people can better appreciate this journey through fashion, nude and portrait shots that chronologically trace the photographer's life and career.

The accessible videos are by RAI PUBLICA UTILITA'
Description of photos: MARCO SAVEGNAGO
LIS translation: ARGENTINA CIRILLO - for the photo part; MARIA CRISTINA CUCCURULLO - for the information part and introduction to the individual Sections -
Narrator: MORGANA GIOVANNETTI - for the photo part; GAETANO LIZZIO - for the information part and introduction to the individual Sections

  • Introduction

  • Beginnings

  • The Sixties

  • The Seventies

  • The Eighties

  • The Nineties

  • Last Years

  • Portrait Helmut Newton

  • June as Hedda Gabler

  • At the French-Belgian Border, French Vogue

  • John Bates, British Vogue

  • Mansfield, British Vogue

  • Rue Aubriot, Yves Saint Laurent, French Vogue e Rue Aubriot, Yves Saint Laurent

  • Catherine Deneuve, Esquire

  • 11:30 a.m., Italian Vogue e 12:30 p.m., Italian Vogue

  • Big Nude I: Lisa, Big Nude II, Big Nude III: Henrietta, Big Nude IV, Big Nude V: Henrietta

  • Self-portrait with wife and models, Vogue Studio

  • Italian Vogue

  • Carrè Otis, Blumarine