The project

The experience ended on
30 December 2019.

Since 20 January, the story of the Ara Pacis has become even more enveloping thanks to the integration of computer graphics and both virtual and augmented reality.

Following the huge success of the first three months of a programme that has attracted some 11 thousand visitors, the ARA COM’ERA, (The Ara as it was), the first systematic presentation of the use of augmented and virtual reality to enhance the value of one of the most important masterpieces of Roman art, is now even more inviting and engaging.  Locals and tourists can now enjoy the opportunity to experience innovative story telling about the Ara Pacis and the origins of Rome further enhanced by two new interesting features in Virtual Reality which, by combining live film, 3D reconstructions and computer graphics, make it possible to fully emerge oneself in the northern part of the ancient Campo Marzio and take in the first reconstruction, in virtual reality, of a Roman sacrifice. 

This intensified version has an even deeper emotional impact than before as visitors are catapulted into the past and relive it from a truly privileged position.  The 360° viewpoint provides the perfect atmosphere in which to admire the revelation o the Ara Pacis in all its original colours:  a “magic” that has been made possible thanks to experimental work commissioned by the Capitoline Supervisory Body for the Cultural Heritage Department over the course of a decade, which led to this hypothetical reconstruction that is as close to reality as is likely. 

The colours are not the only surprise to greet visitors who can also “float” in the air above the altar, glide over the Campo Marzio and watch the sacrifice, carried out by various actors, whilst remaining at the heart of the action.
The entire set up has also expanded in terms of the number of people it can accommodate.  Every evening, in fact, up to 400 visitors, split into small groups are now welcomed inside rather than the 300 from before. Tickets can be bought online or over the phone by calling 060608 and at the museum itself prior to entry.
L’ARA COM’ERA is scheduled every Friday and Saturday (timetables), with each programme lasting 45 minutes and is available in 5 languages: (Italian, English, French, Spanish and German). 

The project is promoted by Roma Capitale and the Department for Cultural Development through the Capitoline Supervisory Body for the Cultural Heritage Department, with the latter also responsible for co-ordination, scientific content, dialogues and performance, whilst its organization is the responsibility of Zètema Progetto Cultura, it is overseen by ETT SpA and the voices of the characters featured are provided by Luca Ward and Manuela Mandracchia. 

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